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Pitching Guidelines

1/ You can send up to three pitches at 500 words each. We won’t be accepting full articles or work published elsewhere. Include links to your past work; blogs are just fine! No attachments please.
2/ Sticking to the theme is highly encouraged, but not required. If you don’t want to do the theme, consider writing something about current events from your unique perspective.
3/ We are accepting pitches for all kinds of writing, video, audio, games, and other forms of expression that can be displayed on our site.
4/ Writers will be paid $200 per post scheduled to air on August 1st and after. All work posted prior to August 1st cannot be paid. Only posted work will be paid.*
5/ Due dates are in stone and must be kept. Work that isn’t submitted on time might not get published due to scheduling.

We will work with anyone on any topic as long as it’s high in quality. re/Action has a personal, experimental, critical aesthetic and won’t be accepting work that is commonly found at other publications. Your work will go through editors and have planned due dates for the designated month, except for special circumstances.

Current Theme for Pitches

What is something you’ve done with games you’ve never told anyone else?
Is there something special in a game you found completely by accident?
How do you feel about playing in a world full of hidden information?
Why do you keep secrets?


*This has been changed from our original date. Please read this update for further information.

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